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Pure Honey


Pure Australian honey , rich in all the natural health benefits, with no added sweeteners, colours or preservatives.  taste the difference of pure australian honey today!  

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Creamed Honeys from Mudgee Honey Haven Australia

Creamed Honey


All Natural Honey, slowly stirred with a whipping action to reach a buttery texture -  nothing is added to create creamed honey.

Gourmet Honeys


We've come up with some fresh and unique Gourmet fusions between Local Aussie ingredients combined with our top quality Honeys to create something different.

Gourmet Range...

BeePower Active Honey


Just one spoon a day of BeePower Honey-Pollen Fusion, the perfect harmony of Eucalyptus Honey & Bee-Pollen, provides natural anti-oxidants, amino acids, Omega 3 and Protein, with low gi and low fat!

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Health & Beauty


Health & Beauty products for skincare, haircare and wellbeing, containing natural honey extracts found to be of benefit.

Australian Honey Mead

Mead-Honey Wine

Australian Honey Mead

This Alcoholic honey drink "Mead" is made using a time tested ancient recipe: Fermenting pure Australian honey, to create these unique flavours and aromas. In our range we have 3 distinct honey wines , Honey, Spiced , and Liqueur Mead.

Welcome to Mudgee Honey Haven

Mudgee Honey Haven – In-Store Honey Tastings

Mudgee Honey Haven - In-Store Honey Tastings

Honey Tastings

Honey Mead Tastings

Honey Mead Tastings

Honey Mead Tastings available!

Mudgee Honey Haven Shop – Gourmet Delicacies

Mudgee Honey Haven Shop - Gourmet Delicacies

Gourmet Delicacies

About Mudgee NSW


Mudgee is a New South Wales town of approximately 10,000 people, about 260 kilometres north-west of Sydney.

The Mudgee Honey Haven is one of Mudgee's premier tourist attractions with a range of experiences for the whole family. With the widest selection of honeys available you can taste trial each variety before you decide on your favourites. The kids can have a great time with a game of putt putt on our new 18 hole course, and seeing our beehives humming with activity while you relax in our cafe for lunch.

There's something for everyone at Mudgee Honey Haven!