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  • Gourmet Honey Gift-Box of 3 180g Jars

    Gourmet Honey Gift-Box (3 x 180g)

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    A gift box containing 3 x 180g Gourmet Honey jars.

    Flavours are randomly selected from available stock unless specific choices are requested during checkout by adding a delivery note with any of the 7 choices: Chilli, Lavender, Cinnamon, Ginger, Strawberry, Banana, or Vanilla.

  • Honey Australia Gourmet Vanilla Honey (180g Jar)

    Gourmet Vanilla & Honey (180g)

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    Delicate in flavour, Vanilla Honey can be used to sweeten your tea , Chai tea. To use as a dessert sauce add Vanilla Honey to fresh cream. Great for waffles, French toasts, pancakes, topping, ice cream and cheesecakes.

    180g Jar

  • Honey Mead Liqueur 375ml

    Honey Liqueur (375ml Bottle)

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    Mead at it’s absolute best! Stunningly rich, aromatic, intensely flavoured, this is a unique after dinner liqueur.

  • Spiced-Mead-750ml

    Spiced Mead (750ml Bottle)

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    This is a favourite of many a visitor to Mudgee Honey Haven. Ideally served hot (though not boiling), it exhibits a bouquet of honey and citrus, but with the added zest of cinnamon and cloves.