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Mudgee Honey Haven Mudgee 蜜堂

Mudgee Honey Haven is one of Mudgee’s premier tourist attractions with a range of experiences for the whole family. We stock the widest selection of honeys available you can taste, trial each variety of honey before you decide on your favourites. Even the kids get to have a good time with a game of putt putt on our 18 hole course.They’ll also love watching the bees hard at work through a special glass window which shows a cross section of a real working bee hive. There’s a wide selection of gifts, and local produce for which the region is well known. If wine tasting is more your style, sample some of our honey wines and liqueurs. And if that’s not enough, why not enjoy a cuppa, coffee at the adjoining Honey Haven Café. The first stop for the discerning tourist, the Mudgee Honey Haven has it all. 我们提供您可以品尝的最广泛的蜂蜜选择,在决定您的最爱之前先尝试各种蜂蜜。即使是孩子们,也可以在我们的18洞球场上玩推杆游戏,度过美好的时光。他们也喜欢通过特殊的玻璃窗观看蜜蜂在工作中的辛苦工作,该玻璃窗展示了真正的工作蜂巢的横截面。这里有许多礼物和当地特产,而该地区众所周知。如果您更喜欢品酒,请品尝我们的一些蜂蜜酒和利口酒。如果还不够的话,何不在毗邻的 Honey Haven Café 享用一杯咖啡。独具慧眼的游客的第一站,Mudgee Honey Haven 拥有了一切。
Visited Mudgee Honey Haven last weekend what a lovely place to go to if you love honey. Never knew there was so many different flavours of honey. I got some Ginger Honey it is so yummy on toast or put in hot water. My son and daughter-in-law took me there. I thoroughly enjoyed it. 我的儿子和女儿上周末带我去了Mudgee Honey Haven,我非常喜欢。我建议所有爱蜂蜜的客人必须去这家商店。我不知道蜂蜜有那么多种口味。我买了一些姜汁蜂蜜,它在烤面包上非常好吃,或者将蜂蜜加入热水中也很好喝。
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Mudgee Region Mudgee 地区

The Mudgee region in Country NSW offers much more than just wineries – though the stunning, award-winning boutique wineries are worth a visit alone. This region offers everything from gold rush heritage to World Heritage wilderness full of outdoor activity options. The elegant town of Mudgee is on the banks of the Cudgegong River. Its rich pastoral history and colonial gold rush era is reflected in the tree-lined heritage streetscapes. A short drive north is Gulgong, a colonial gold mining town with about 130 heritage-listed buildings, including Australia’s oldest operating opera house. The pretty villages of Rylstone and Kandos sit on the edge of the World Heritage-listed Wollemi National Park. It’s the home of the endangered Wollemi pine, dubbed the dinosaur tree because of its prehistoric lineage. They are also the gateway to the second-largest canyon in the world, the Capertee Valley (which is one kilometre wider than the Grand Canyon). Winemaking in the region dates back to the 1850s, with the temperate climate allowing for the slow ripening of grapes, producing robust wines. Some of Mudgee’s top wineries include Lowe Wines, Robert Stein Winery, Huntington Estate, Logan and Robert Oatley Vineyards. 新南威尔士州乡村地区的马奇(Mudgee)地区提供的不仅是酿酒厂,还有许多令人赞叹的屡获殊荣的精品酿酒厂值得一游。这个地区提供了从淘金热遗产到世界遗产荒野等各种户外活动选择。 优雅的Mudgee镇位于 Cudgegong 河的两岸。绿树成荫的遗产街道景观反映了其丰富的田园历史和殖民淘金时代。向北一小段路程便是古尔贡(Gulgong),这是一个殖民地黄金开采小镇,拥有约130处被列入遗产名录的建筑,其中包括澳大利亚最古老的运营歌剧院。 美丽的 Rylstone 和 Kandos 村庄坐落在世界遗产名录中的 Wollem i国家公园的边缘。这是濒临灭绝的Wollemi松的家,因其史前世系而被称为恐龙树。它们还是通往世界第二大峡谷 Capertee Valley(比大峡谷宽一公里)的门户。 该地区的葡萄酒酿造可以追溯到1850年代,由于气候温和,葡萄缓慢成熟,可以生产出优质的葡萄酒。马奇(Mudgee)的一些顶级酒庄包括Lowe Wines,Robert Stein Winery,Huntington Estate,Logan和Robert Oatley Vineyards。

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Mudgee Information Centre 预算信息

Our Store 我们的商店

Mudgee Honey Haven is one of the top things to do in Mudgee. Located 3 hours drive north-west of Sydney, our Honey Factory and Gift-Shop in Mudgee NSW is a well known tourist stop for tour-buses and local visitors alike. Stocking a full range of all Mudgee Honey and other great local products available for tastings and purchase. Try the Putt-Putt mini-golf course for the kids, or sit down in our Cafe, see the live Bee-hives, there’s plenty to keep you and the family busy here in Mudgee! 我们位于新南威尔士州 Mudgee 的蜂蜜工厂和礼品店位于悉尼西北3小时车程处,是旅游巴士和当地游客的著名旅游站。 储备了所有 Mudgee Honey 以及其他可供品尝和购买的当地优质产品的全线。 试试为孩子们准备的 Putt-Putt 迷你高尔夫球场,或者在我们的咖啡厅坐下来,看看现场的蜂箱,这里有很多东西可以让您和家人在 Mudgee 忙碌!

OUR CAFÉ 我们的咖啡厅

Our Mudgee Honey Haven cafe offers an immense collection of specialised cakes, platters, coffee and we also cater for delicious breakfast and lunch options which include gluten-free and vegetarian options incorporating local seasonal Mudgee produce. Come join us for a tasty scone or cake on your next visit to Mudgee, and chat with our friendly staff on local news and happenings. 我们的 Mudgee Honey Haven 咖啡厅提供大量精选的蛋糕,拼盘,咖啡,我们还提供美味的早餐和午餐选择,其中包括无麸质和素食,其中包括当地的 Mudgee 时令农产品。下次访问马奇时,快来加入我们,品尝美味的烤饼或蛋糕,并与我们友好的员工聊天,了解当地新闻和最新动态。


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Mudgee Honey Haven